Friday, January 26, 2018

National Reading Day.... Persuasive Essays and More

Dear Parents,

Our fifth graders will be taking a field trip to the Bay Square assisted living center. We will be interviewing senior friends about how life has changed through the years, as well as, sharing Valentine cards. We would like to ask you to help us prepare your child for this fun experience.  Please have them wear their "Kindness is Key" t-shirts.  It would be helpful if you could chat with them about how to have a polite conversation with a senior friends. We have prepared a list of questions for the students to sue when they meet their senior buddy so the students will be prepared.

A field trip permission slip will be coming home Monday, January 29.  Our classes are going on Friday, February 2 from 1:45 -2:15.

Book shelf we made for National Reading Day
The students made book jackets and we read for a half an hour in the sunny and comfortable  library.  It was so nice to have the library just for us and quiet reading time. :)

In language arts students are busy writing persuasive essays.  Topics include: why we should have more field trips, longer lunch times, more reading time, later starts to the day and fun family vacations.  We wrote our introductions today in class and we will write our conclusions on Monday.

We are reading the Liberation of Gabriel King. We had a copy of the first page of the book in our Reader's Notebooks.  We wrote connections, questions, and made inferences and predictions about the story. The story is set in 1976.  We have discussed the Watergate Scandal, the election of Jimmy Carter, and the bicentennial celebration. Phew! The story includes best friends and bullies.  It it thought-provoking!

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