Friday, March 10, 2017

Spirit Week schedule

Spirit Week will be March 13 - 17.
Themes of the days: Monday - Spirit/Clipper Pride - wear blue & white; Tuesday- Eras: Grade 5 - 50s Wednesday - Wacky Wednesday; Thursday - Color day: Grade 5 - orange Friday - Look like your favorite book, movie, tv, comic or cartoon character.
Hallway themes: Famous streets/boulevards. Grade 5 - Hollywood Blvd.

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 2017


 Colonial Craft Fair Day is March 24

Currents are finishing up their persuasive essays! The students came up with topics that are meaningful to them such as: cheer leading should be a sport in Yarmouth, Yarmouth should have a bike path connected to the EMS, a community recreation center would be a wonderful addition to the Yarmouth community, Yarmouth should have half days, and students need longer lunches and recesses.


Library, reading, and social studies lesson are investigation this focus statement.  Students will be reading and taking notes and researching their own explorers when we return from February vacation. Students will share their knowledge with a project that they can choose from. Some students will be creating a biography picture books while others will create a project using Prezi.

Students are doing wonderful job hitting their reading goals.  I am very impressed.  Students are reading through the following series: Maximum Ride, Pegasus, Ranger's Apprentice, Pendragon, Lightning Thief, and Stormbreaker.  We are all working our way through reading a variety of genres.  I love hearing the students tell me that they read 100 pages after school becasue they weren't able to put their books down. 

Read aloud

I just finished reading aloud Greek nature myths and I am now reading Flush by Carl Hiaason.  We are finishing book talks about our favorite book so far this year.

Daily Oral Language Wordly Wise

We are continuing with our daily grammar and punctuation lessons. The wordly wise units are due every other week. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall New

Idiom of the week - She's down in the dumps.

Vocabulary word of the week - lollygag

Mrs. Conley is reading - The Seventh Most Important Thing by  Shelley Pearsal

class read aloud =  Animal House and Iz by Betty Hicks - We are working on making inferences and discussing the characterisitc traits of the main characters.

Language Arts classes -

We are busy with Daily oral Language and Wordly Wise lessons!  Our 15 vocabulary words in Wordly Wise can be practiced on Quizlet. Students are working hard on recognizing the different meaning some vocabulary words have. 

Students finished writing a formal paragraph about their favorite holidays.  We have worked on supporting detail. Each of our three details include explanations that match our topic sentences.  I have read about some wonderful holiday traditions including Yankee Swaps and Pickle-in-the-Tree Games. We are also working on strong verbs and figurative language.  These will be sent home to be added to their portfolios.  Also coming home are the vocabulary pages where students created a full page.  Students investigated a new vocabulary word that they found in their books theat thea re reading for class.   The activity includes looking up the definition, part of speech, and how their words are pronounced. Finally, students write a 10 word sentence using their new word.  

We wrote our first pen pal letters to our friends in Uganda!  Mr. Roscoe will be leaving to go to Uganda next week.  Soon after he returns, he will deliver our pen pals' letters for us. :)

In reading we are making inferences and discussing characteristic traits of our main and supporting characters. .  Some of our favorite book titles this fall are:  The Running Dream, Maximum Ride, The Ranger's Apprentice, Nory Ryan's Song, Red Kayak, Fablehaven, and more!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wordly Wise and Dance Mat Tyoing

Idiom of the week - I'm all ears.

Word of the week - punctual

class read aloud - Animal House and Iz by Betty Hicks

Mrs. Conley is reading - Penny from Heaven by Jennifer L. Home

Our language arts classes have started Wordly Wise.  The workbooks have assignments in them Monday through Thursday nights.  Each unit has sections A through E .  A rich vocabulary is essential to successful reading comprehension.  Please take a look at this week's 15 new words.

We have begun Dance Mat typing.  The students will be memorizing the rows of the keyboard and practicing with Dance Mat typing.  Extra practice from home is always a good idea. Our link is found off of the helpful links.

Reading classes will be discussing inferencing and working with character traits with our class novels and independent reading books.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 2016

Reminder: Open House is Tuesday, September 13 at 6:30

Idiom of the week - It's raining cats and dogs.

Vocabulary Word of the Week - colossal

Class Read aloud - Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days by Stephen Manes

I am looking forward to getting to know the new Tetons and Acadians.  In language arts this week, the students will write about their 'Best Part of Me' which is a prompt from the book The Best Part of me by Wendy Ewald.  I'll have fun pictures and short writing pieces on display for open house.  We will also have our first lesson in Daily Oral Language this week.  In reading I'll help them set up their Reader's notebooks, we will begin discussing theme and figurative language, and we will visit the library for our first lessons this Thursday for the Acadians and Friday for the Tetons.  Everyone will have chapter books to read by the weekend. 

The students will quickly become acclimated to their Blue and White Day schedules.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Read aloud Flush by Carl Hiasson

Vocabulary word of the week = compassion
Idiom of the week = I'm green with envy.

Poem of the week

If I Could Grant a Wish for You This poem is written in rhyming couplets. We will be writing our own Wish Poems for Mother's Day.

In language arts class students are taking dot jot notes about their explorers.  We practiced  pre reading activities for informational reading.  Modeling with Christopher Columbus, classes filled out a graphic organizer.  We looked at the pictures from the article and jotted down what we thought the article was about.  Next, we read the captions and jotted what we learned from the captions.   We looked at maps, charts, and graphs and jotted down information that they showed us.  We then jotted down key ideas we had about the article on Columbus.  Lastly, we looked at the titles, headings, and bold-face words.  We rephrased these into questions.   Student received an article on their own explorer from Biography for Beginners.  The students filled out a graphic organizer on their own explorer before reading the article.  We took dot jots on their explorer's early life, voyages, death and conclusions which includes how his discovery/outcomes changed the world.

We are creating Google My Maps that show where their explorers went  Paragraphs are typed right on this site!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Word of the week - infinitesimal

Idiom = Stay on your toes!

Friday's Poem = Get A Life

Read alouds = picture books by Patricia Palocco and Ezra Jack Keats are used for writing mini lessons

Chapter book Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen

After winter break we will be reading The Liberation of Gabriel King

Friday's poem by Eileen Spinelli

There are books to read.
And birds to feed.
And awesome facts for learning.
There are yards to weed.
And friends in need.
And dreams to set us yearning.
There are trails to hike.
And films to like.
And stories made for swapping.
What I meant to say in this poem today
is there's more to life than

In reading students will be reflecting on their own books in a letter to me in their reader's notebooks. They will write about the traits of their main characters as well as reflecting on parts of the storyline.

 This next trimester the students are going to be selecting novels from a genre that they haven't read from yet.

Tuesday's library lesson included some time for the students to browse through fables, folk tales, and fairy tales.  The students enjoyed flipping in some new titles and reliving some oldies but goodies.  There are many variations of Cinderella including The Rough Face Girl, an Algonquin version, and Yeh-Shen a Chinese version which is believed to be the oldest version.

Wordly Wise and spelling unit continue on an every other week basis.  In class we continue tor review strategies for studying the words that are the most challenging for us.  A helpful way for many is on spelling city.  The Wordly Wise words are on Quizlet and the students have been practicing on this site.

We have been working diligently on typing club.  Typing is a very important tool for the students to have.  If there is ever a time that your child says they don't have much homework, please have them practice.  The link is off our web site.  We will be placing covers on the keyboards to prevent the peek and peck technique.  :)  While they won't be able to look down, the program hilights the fingers they need to use on the screen.  It will say,"Type on me!" The key is lit up on the screen along with the finger they should use to type with. It's a pretty slick program.

I hope you enjoyed your child's narrative.  We practice writing about important people, places and items we have.  I modeled stories from authors and my own writing as well as previous 5th graders. The students were asked to write a seed story; not a water melon.  They were asked to zoom in and tell the most important parts.  Did they begin with a strong lead? Did they end with a reflection, memory, hope, or wish?  Did they use figurative language so the reader could see what they saw and feel what they felt? Finally, did they story tell or write a summary.  This is their first narrative, many of the students are working on moving away from the telling and more on the showing.