Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Spring Break :) April 14, 2021

We hope you all have a wonderful vacation.  Mrs. Found, Mr. Smith, and Mrs. Conley are busy preparing our rooms and schedules for our 'all in' plan. 

Great American

The students have all presented their projects and the grades were returned last week. These students did a fabulous job with this unit.We have our portraits on our lockers too that they can take home after vacation.

Fun faces in the hallway!
Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen

While students are setting up their poetry notebooks (gluing and cutting in poems ) Mrs. Conley is reading aloud  Lawn Boy.  We have learned a bunch of new vocabulary and we have met a groovy stock broker named Arnold. Mrs. Conley's student, George McCosh, is a real life Lawn Boy in Yarmouth.  He's in college now but he was inspired by this book and now owns McCosh mowing. He bought his own truck and paid for two years of college with his business. We hope to Google meet with him. He will share his college essay, talk about his business, and the importance of reading. This week we reviewed key parts of the story with  a Gimkit game.

Flapjack Flip and Senses Poems

This week's poems included writing about pancakes. We wrote our own poems with titles that used alliteration and we included metaphors in our poem. At home students wrote their own senses poem using rhyme and 4 sets of couplets. See the waves jumping and tumbling around with childish excitement. Here is one of the student's poems below.
Our portraits are on the lockers in the hallway

We continue to have grammar lessons at the beginning of class time. Our weekly vocabulary words have been: admonish, sluggish, and disheveled. This week's idiom is The cat's got her tongue. 

Skills- The students are doing a great job on the skills packets each week. It is a great way to check on the skills we have already learned and an easy way for me to see who needs review.
Content- We are diving into decimals! The kids are learning expanded form, reading, and writing decimals. They will use place value understanding to compare and order decimals. Students will also be introduced to first quadrant coordinate grids.

Challenge- The Tang packet as well as several links in Google Classroom should continue to motivate and challenge students.

Math class with Mr. Smith

Reading: We just finished reading “Rebecca Rides for Freedom”. This was a story about how a brave young girl helps get word to her father’s regiment, giving them time to prepare for an attack. Ask your child how Rebecca was brave, resourceful, unselfish, and clever. 

Social Studies- we are learning about the American Revolution by watching an animated series called Liberty Kids. Feel free to check it out with your child! 

Science- we are scientists in the Biosphere 2 where we will be for two years! Our task is to make sure we have enough food to sustain ourselves as no one will be able to come in or leave! It’s fascinating listening to them plan menus and plan what we will need to grow (both plants and animals) There’s so much to think about and it sure isn’t as easy as running to the grocery store!
Class presentations were fabulous.

Reading: We just finished reading “Rebecca Rides for Freedom”. This was a story about how a brave young girl helps get word to her father’s regiment, giving them time to prepare for an attack. Ask your child how Rebecca was brave, resourceful, unselfish, and clever. 

Social Studies- we are learning about the American Revolution by watching an animated series called Liberty Kids. Feel free to check it out with your child! 

Science- we are scientists in the Biosphere 2 where we will be for two years! Our task is to make sure we have enough food to sustain ourselves as no one will be able to come in or leave! It’s fascinating listening to them plan menus and plan what we will need to grow (both plants and animals) There’s so much to think about and it sure isn’t as easy as running to the grocery store.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Monday, March 8, 2021

Last week we went to the library for a visit and a book talk from Mrs. Burrows.  Each Friday Mrs. Burrows does a "First Chapter Friday" video.  She reads the first chapter of a different book each Friday.  All of her videos are posted in our Reading Classrooms. 

This week we reviewed "Story Elements" with a Gimkit Game!  The students LOVE playing this game online together.  We also reviewed character traits by finding two traits of the main character in our independent reading books.  We are reading "The Runaway King" which is the second of four books in "The False Prince" series.  Students continue to set weekly reading goals.  

Social Studies:
We continue to learn about the colonies and the reasons why many came to the new world from England. Students are working on completing their projects "Come Sail Away".  These are due next week, cohort 1 on Thursday and cohort 2 on Friday.  Students will be sharing their projects in class. The purpose of this project is to research a colony then make a poster, write a letter, poem, rap song, or create a flipgrid or google slide presentation to convince people in England to come to the new world.

Conversation Starters:
What is happening in "The Runaway King"?
What were some similarities and differences between indentured servants and slaves?
What is the triangular trade?

What were some reasons people came to the New World from England? 

Language Arts

Conversation starters:

word of the week - instigate

idiom of the week - He's a barrel of laughs.

Nature myth -Narcissus and Echo

vocabulary bingo

Fairy Tale Escape Room -  Students were placed in break out rooms to 'break out' of a virtual escape room. The Escape Room was based on the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One student in each group presented their screen and together the groups worked on solving the clues. Clues included using Morse code and being careful readers to break out of the rooms. Three groups beat Mrs. Conley's time. The picture is a screen shot of the winning group with Mrs. Kilpatrick, who joined our class.

Great American research Language Arts classes this week will go to the library to learn about note taking for our upcoming Great American research unit. The students are selecting from these Great American names that align with the time period we are studying in social studies. Students will be reading about their Great Americans from FactCite. 

Vocabulary Bingo - We played vocabulary bingo in class Thursday and Friday. It's a wonderful review of the words we have learned since September. We filled our bingo sheets with the words and Mrs. Conley read the definitions out loud... EX: "This word means extremely hungry." =  (ravenous).  

Greek Myths - Wednesday classes include Greek nature myths. Last week we read about Narcissus and Echo. We learned about the origin of the narcissus flower, what is means to be a narcissus, how Hera put a curse on Echo, and how Aphrodite, the goddess of love, kept Echo's lovely voice for us to hear if we call to her in a certain way. We'll read about Artemis this week and make the connection with NASA's Artemis mission.

Skills- Kids are learning all kinds of new fraction skills!
Adding and subtracting, changing mixed numbers to fractions, simplifying fractions, and putting fractions in  lowest terms.
Content- Students will be assessed on their fraction skills. soon and we will be moving on the decimals. We also work on a Fizz and Martina Program that has kids working in groups to solve problems and explain their thinking!

Challenge- We have two packets going these days. I assign the skills daily and the Tang they can do at their own pace. 
The last two pages of Tang are the most challenging and are a choice.

Conversation starters:
What is stronger, steel or spider silk?
What does lowest terms mean?
What is 1/3 as a decimal?

Friday, February 5, 2021

Friday, February 4, 2021

Happy Friday!

Can you believe we have one more week before winter break? 

Many of the students have asked about Valentine's Day.  Students are allowed to bring cards and store bought wrapped treats for the students in their cohorts. This is completely optional. Cohort 1 will celebrate Thursday, February 11 and Cohort 2 on Friday, February 12.

All of us 'GOT force' teachers were silly stringed this week! The kids won! Thank you so much for supporting the fundraiser.  
Mr. Smith with Eva and Ana

Will Huckel-Bauer and Mrs. Conley

Mrs. Found and Charley

Conversation starters for language arts:

The Greek myth Phaethon

Don't stick your head in the sand. ( idiom of the week)

dynamic ( vocabulary word of the week)

Mrs. Conley  -  Language Arts

Students are reviewing the types of figurative language with two card games. We played I have -Who has? For example, I have, "He was as slow as a snailWho has onomatopoeia for a pig?" The other game is similar but is played with idioms.  I have .. hold your horses. Who has the idiom that means someone told me a secret? The homerooms are timed to see how quickly we can all read our cards after hearing the clues.  After playing, classmates worked together in pairs and wrote their own sentences using different types of figurative language. 


Mrs. Conley is sharing Greek nature myths on Wednesdays. The myths tie in with our vocabulary study. Mythology appears frequently in fantasy novels such as the Lightning Thief series, Pegasus, series and Harry Potter. This week's daily oral language skill work sentences were about the geysers and hot spots of the world such as Old Faithful in Yellowstone.  Phaethon is a myth that explains how the ice caps came to be at the ends of the earth and how volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs were formed.  For Valentine's Day we are reading Aphrodite and Eros.  (Cupid)

Letter and Essays -Students have written letters to President Biden.  There were many thoughtful questions that the students asked. Hopefully, we will receive responses. We wrote counterclaims and conclusions to our chocolate milk opinion essays.  In class next week, students will choose any topic that they would like to write about and they will write their own opinion essays.

Poetry - cards - We will be writing color poems.  The poems will be written on the inside of a Valentine Day card.  It will be fun for the seniors to read poems inside their cards. They will be delivered to the seniors at Bay Square Retirement Home. The fifth grade has had a special relationship with the senior citizens at Bay Square that has been stalled due to the pandemic. Their director emailed me to say how much they missed us. We are going to set up a Google meet with them. The students will be receiving cards from the seniors at school next week. We hope to walk to Bay Square this spring and deliver spring cards.

Mrs. Found

Reading: So many interesting discoveries this week in our read aloud The False Prince.  Ask your child what was the big reveal!  We also set weekly reading goals in our independent reading books.  The students are doing a great job! Students started the week writing a letter to me about the book they are currently reading.  This included a plot summary, character traits, and their opinion of the book.  

Social Studies:  We began exploring the 13 colonies.  This was broken down into the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.  Students watched a brief video on each colonial region then filled in a chart to share what they learned.  We will continue to explore colonies next week.  

Conversation Starters:

  • What book are you reading?  Can you tell me about the story or the main character?  What do you like about this book?

  • What did you discover about the main character in The False Prince?  Do you have any predictions about what will happen next? Who is the protagonist? Who is the antagonist?

  • Can you name the four New England colonies and share one interesting fact you learned about one of these colonies?

  • Can you name the four Middle colonies and share one interesting fact you learned about one of these colonies?

  • Got Force Math

  • Skill- The kids did a great job on the multiplication and division Assessment. We will spiral back to it throughout the year to make sure they have it mastered.
    Content- We just started unit 3 on Fractions. The kids will learn lots of know fraction vocabulary as well as how to add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators.

    Challenge- We have added a skills packet each week for the students to chip away at. It is good reinforcement of all the skills they have learned so far. Ask your child to show you Greg Tang Satisfraction in Google Classroom, as always Greg Tang creates some really great stuff.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday, January 15, 2021

 Happy New Year,

We have started a homework club on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:15-2:45. This is a time for kids to catch up and do the work they were unable to do at home.  As  a team we will be working together with these students.  If your child needs to stay, they will call or email by lunchtime.  Students can be picked up after homework club or they can stay with Mr. Heckler in the cafeteria until 4:00 when they can catch the late bus.

Conversation Starters:

Who is the protagonist, antagonist in a story or movie?  Can you give examples of a protagonist and an antagonist from a movie, book, or TV show?

What was the mystery of Roanoke?

What was the legend of Virginia Dare?

Why did people come to the new world from England to settle?

What effect did the arrival of Europeans have on the Native people? Can you give examples?What was one moment in the False Prince this week that really stuck out to you?

motive means

my vocabulary page is 

I put my foot in my mouth.

My figuratively speaking poster... 

GOT FORCE DRIVE -Our weekly assignments are updated on our  GOT Force drive

FUNDRAISER - The children watched the video about the Move-a-thon fundraiser. Thank you for your support this. Please check your emails about this from Ms. Adler.


Content: We are finishing up the division unit and moving into fractions.

Division is challenging for lots of kids we will revisit often during the year.

Skills : 

Division with double digit divisors

Interpreting remainders

Adding and subtracting fractions

Challenge Choice- Kids can choose between the regular Tang math packet and the challenge packet. We try to get kids thinking about math for twenty minutes a day beyond our Everyday Math lessons. We have added a skills packet this week. Kids can chip away on that during the week.

Mrs Found

Reading Content: We learned about protagonists and antagonists in stories, movies, or shows.  We brainstormed examples.  We continued reading aloud The False Prince.  It’s getting pretty intense!

Social Studies Content:  We learned about the Mystery of Roanoke.  This was a small island off the coast of Virginia (now part of North Carolina). After completing a Pear Deck we discussed our answers.  We also discussed what we thought really happened at Roanoke. How could the colony just vanish?

Language Arts content-

In class this week the students were able to do a gallery walk and view their classmate's figuratively speaking posters.  They shared many compliments with each other. The posters are laminated and were sent home with their grades. They will be fun to display.  

The students used descriptive adjectives to describe their topics in their Cinquain poems.  We worked on our first vocabulary pages.  A few of the new/interesting words that students selected from their novels were: fluorescent, volatile, exorbitant, rambling, and gnarled. Next week we will brainstorm topics and begin writing persuasive essays.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Super creative art sculptures!

Conversation starters:

False Prince:

  • How were the boys table manners not appropriate for feasting in a nobleman’s home?

  • What are the boys competing for?  What is the plan/end game?

  • What is an indentured servant?

French explorers

  • Who were some of the French explorers?

  • Where did they explore?  What did they discover?

Columbian Exchange

  • What were some items taken from the New World to the Old World?

  • What were some items taken from the Old World to the New World?

  • What were some positives and negatives?

* Winter idioms
* Stay on your toes.
* infinitesimal

2+6x5 =  32 not 40  Order of Operations

Mrs Found

Reading Content: We continued to work on making inferences.  We had some fun with this by reading clues about cities throughout the world then finding the correct city’s passport to glue next to the clues. The cities were London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Tokyo, New York City.  

Social Studies Content:  We explored the Columbian Exchange by learning about what was exchanged between the New World and the Old World.  We watched The French Explorers video and took notes.  Note taking is a skill we continue to practice together.

Link to the GOT Force drive. This is the link to our team's drive.  We update this in the morning and we include attachments to be helpful.

Language arts Mrs. Conley:

Students are working on their Figuratively Speaking posters and winter idiom snowmen. The posters should be finished by next Friday but it's hard to nail the specific date as we may need more time for the quality producer piece in school. The winter idioms are due Monday and Tuesday. Student will be also continue to wok on skills during daily oral language lessons, write to daily prompts, and we will be working on a 5w poem this week. 

Math -Mr. Smith

Content: The kids did great on the Assessment! We are on to Unit Two!

Number Sense

  • Place value - learning place virtue, estimating and rounding

  • Powers of 10- Being able to write numbers in expanded form

  • Multiply- we have worked on two digit by two digit and three digit by two digit

Skills : Kids will be learning the Traditional Algorithm for multiplication along with several other skills to improve their number sense. Following the steps and knowing their math fact certainly help. Next week we will be working on division.

Challenge Choice- Kids can choose between the regular Tang math packet and the challenge packet. We try to get kids thinking about math for twenty minutes a day beyond our Everyday Math lessons.

Hour Of Code- This week we had the kids work on coding and we will continue to give it as choice next week.

Sumdog- We are in a Cumberland County Sumdog contest next week.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Friday, November 20, 2020

 Dear Parents,

(This is a reminder to follow these steps for quizlet.)

We need your help.  Recently HMS purchased the premium version of an app called Quizlet.  This app helps our students learn vocabulary through practice and games.  In order for our students to avoid advertisements and so that they may access all aspects of Quizlet they must create an account.  Because our students are less than 13 years old, this requires a parent email.  We would appreciate it if you would help your child get a Quizlet account up and running. Quizlet will send you an email explaining why they need to gather this information and what they do with it.  They will ask you to confirm your child's account.  Once you do this step, your child will be able to access all practice sets their teacher assigns via Quizlet.

Please have your child go to  There they will be prompted to sign up for an account.  They should click on "Continue with Google".

Then they'll be prompted to enter:
  • Birthday
  • Username (please have them use y2028ffflll for their username) - in other words, their email name.
  • Parent's Email
We enjoyed meeting you at our virtual conferences. We are asking your help in supporting us with online behavior during Google meets.  Academic times are: 8:10, 11:10, and 1:10.  Wednesday times are: 8:00, 9:30, and 10:15.  Students should not be hanging out on the meets prior to their assigned Google meet times.

Conversation starters:

melancholy (means) 
It went in one ear and out the other.
The Stranger
Thank you, Sarah

How did Gabriel King chance at the end of the story?

What was your favorite part of this story?

What was the theme of “Mr. Peabody’s Apples?

Who were two of the Portuguese explorers?  Spanish explorers? Why did they explore? What were some positive effects of exploration? Negative effects?

What does the quote mean?

What is 10 to the 9th power equal?

Conley's creamery is open for business.  Using alliteration we crafty crazy creative flavors: creamy chocolate chip cookie dough, perfect pink peppermint patty, super scrumptious strawberry s'mores, and marshmallow mint moose track mountain are a few!

Students continue to be introduced to different styles of poetry. We wrote poems using onomatopoeia and we were challenged to have every other line rhyme. We are drafting poems that include personification. I've asked the kids to share them at Thanksgiving. Here are two examples of our onomatopoeia poems.

We will be editing our narratives.  Here is an example of a narrative that meets the standard and the editing checklist.

Mrs Found

Reading Content:  We finished reading The Liberation of Gabriel King.  We are all sad to say goodbye to Gabe and Frita. Ask your child how the main characters grow and change.  We continued working on theme.  We read aloud “Mr. Peabody’s Apples” and discussed the theme of this story.  We learned there can be more than one theme. Theme is the lesson, message, or moral of the story. 

Social Studies Content: The kids continued working on their Map Assignment.  These are due on Monday 11/23 for cohort 1 and Tuesday 11/24 for cohort 2.  We will be sharing these in class on Monday and Tuesday.  We have been learning about Portuguese and Spanish explorers.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Friday, November 4, 2020

 Happy Friday GOT Team parents,

It looks like we are in for a nice stretch of warm weather. Hooray! Your son/daughter should have set up a time to meet with you to go over their goals on their Google slides and share a few samples of work from their purple folders. There is a paper in the back part of the folder for you to sign and return. Conferences with teachers will begin next Wednesday.  

Here are a couple fun photos of the kids in action.

Conversation starters at dinner:

The Junkyard Wonders

He's catching some z's.

Charlotte's Web jam board

What fears did Gabriel King check off his list?

What is a “yuck” sundae?

What is the difference between latitude and longitude?  Which one measures north and south? East and west?

How many dimensions is a cube?

Why would somebody say “Baby koalas are awesome?

Who is the best person to have a conference with about your child’s education?

In language arts students are selecting a story idea to work on that they will bring to a final polished narrative.  Prompt ideas that we have written in class were about: a person that matters to me, a place, a first time or last time that matters ex:( The last time I saw my grandmother at the hospital and said a sad goodbye. ) We are using the thesaurus to change verbs ( walk = sashay, traipse, trudge) We are adding onomatopoeia, dialogue and we are working on beginnings. Students are deciding to choose to start their stories with a question, dialogue, flashback, action, sound effect, or snapshot of a small moment. 

Our poem of the week is Bleezer's Ice Cream by Jack Prelutsky. We took notes in our Reader's Notebooks about alliteration - a sentence or phrase that starts with the same letter or sound. EX: Morgan Mouse munched marshmallows merrily.  Students are using alliteration to come up with fun ice cream flavors. (crazy creamy chocolate chip chunks.) 

Mr. Smith Math

Content: Big unit test next week, finding Area, Volume and Order of operations, labeling, and exponents!

Skills : Kids are using cubes to build prisms and find the volume of prisms and other irregular shapes. They are getting a few more challenging order of operations problems too.

Challenge Choice- Week 10 (can you believe it?) Kids can choose between the regular Tang math packet and the challenge packet.

Mrs Found 

Reading Content:  This week we worked on “theme” by watching a couple Pixar short films.  Students then wrote what they thought the theme was and why (evidence from the film).  We also continued reading “The Liberation of Gabriel King.” 

Social Studies:  We discussed our new map assignment.  The kids will have two weeks to create their own maps. Map Assignment here is a link to the directions about this assignment.  We also had fun playing Geography Kahoot!  We read online in our Kids Discover lessons and complete some multiple choice questions.