Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Read aloud Flush by Carl Hiasson

Vocabulary word of the week = compassion
Idiom of the week = I'm green with envy.

Poem of the week

If I Could Grant a Wish for You This poem is written in rhyming couplets. We will be writing our own Wish Poems for Mother's Day.

In language arts class students are taking dot jot notes about their explorers.  We practiced  pre reading activities for informational reading.  Modeling with Christopher Columbus, classes filled out a graphic organizer.  We looked at the pictures from the article and jotted down what we thought the article was about.  Next, we read the captions and jotted what we learned from the captions.   We looked at maps, charts, and graphs and jotted down information that they showed us.  We then jotted down key ideas we had about the article on Columbus.  Lastly, we looked at the titles, headings, and bold-face words.  We rephrased these into questions.   Student received an article on their own explorer from Biography for Beginners.  The students filled out a graphic organizer on their own explorer before reading the article.  We took dot jots on their explorer's early life, voyages, death and conclusions which includes how his discovery/outcomes changed the world.

We are creating Google My Maps that show where their explorers went  Paragraphs are typed right on this site!

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