Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall New

Idiom of the week - She's down in the dumps.

Vocabulary word of the week - lollygag

Mrs. Conley is reading - The Seventh Most Important Thing by  Shelley Pearsal

class read aloud =  Animal House and Iz by Betty Hicks - We are working on making inferences and discussing the characterisitc traits of the main characters.

Language Arts classes -

We are busy with Daily oral Language and Wordly Wise lessons!  Our 15 vocabulary words in Wordly Wise can be practiced on Quizlet. Students are working hard on recognizing the different meaning some vocabulary words have. 

Students finished writing a formal paragraph about their favorite holidays.  We have worked on supporting detail. Each of our three details include explanations that match our topic sentences.  I have read about some wonderful holiday traditions including Yankee Swaps and Pickle-in-the-Tree Games. We are also working on strong verbs and figurative language.  These will be sent home to be added to their portfolios.  Also coming home are the vocabulary pages where students created a full page.  Students investigated a new vocabulary word that they found in their books theat thea re reading for class.   The activity includes looking up the definition, part of speech, and how their words are pronounced. Finally, students write a 10 word sentence using their new word.  

We wrote our first pen pal letters to our friends in Uganda!  Mr. Roscoe will be leaving to go to Uganda next week.  Soon after he returns, he will deliver our pen pals' letters for us. :)

In reading we are making inferences and discussing characteristic traits of our main and supporting characters. .  Some of our favorite book titles this fall are:  The Running Dream, Maximum Ride, The Ranger's Apprentice, Nory Ryan's Song, Red Kayak, Fablehaven, and more!!