Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week of October 19

Vocabulary word of the week = allege
Idiom of the week = They're going bananas.
Class read aloud  = Animal House and Iz by Betty Hicks

Poem of the week ( with similes)

"Wicked Witch Willebrand"

Wicked Wirch Willebrand was very scary indeed,
     A nose like a banana, eyes like seeds
Her mouth so wide it dimpled her cheeks
     And made if difficult for her to speak.

Willebrand's ears were large and very furry,
     Her hair was bright red and always quite curly.
On top of her head, was a hat, oh so tall,
     If she didn't stand up straight, most likely she'd fall.

Very long fingers were on her broad hands,
     She wore rings of every color, purple, red, green, and tan.
Her nails were two feet long and pointed like a steeple
wow, what a scary sight she must have been to people.

Her black dress was long, usually dragging on the street,
     And the funniest part were her tiny little feet.
Her five toes curled up, as she walked to and fro,
     But where can such a funny lady really go?

Students shared their writing Graffiti boards which display favorite seasons, holidays, colors, and various words and phrases.   This will be a page students can refer to if they have writer's block during writing workshop.  We will be working on strategies for generating personal narrative writing.  We will be writing about a person who matters to us.  Students will list clear, small moments they remember with him or her.  They choose one to sketch and write the accompanying story. We have more mini lessons that I will update you about.

Our Daily Oral Language lessons include practicing the pronoun I, commas in dates, for items in a series, with quotations, and coordinating conjunctions. The subject of the sentences is King Louis the XIV.  He enjoyed his two million tulips in his garden and his meals which included 40 dishes. :)

We finished Alabama Moon and the student wrote about what they loved to display on their lockers in preparation for Watt Key's visit Thursday.  We thoroughly enjoyed the book.  Watt Key's characters come to life.  The students shared their thoughts on a poster where I glued a copy of the last  page of the book.  Moon's last words are, " I'm going to be fine. You don't need to worry about me." We had many great conversations about the figurative language that bought these characters to life.

The students really enjoyed writing and sharing their thoughts about the last page of the book.