Monday, February 13, 2017

February 2017


 Colonial Craft Fair Day is March 24

Currents are finishing up their persuasive essays! The students came up with topics that are meaningful to them such as: cheer leading should be a sport in Yarmouth, Yarmouth should have a bike path connected to the EMS, a community recreation center would be a wonderful addition to the Yarmouth community, Yarmouth should have half days, and students need longer lunches and recesses.


Library, reading, and social studies lesson are investigation this focus statement.  Students will be reading and taking notes and researching their own explorers when we return from February vacation. Students will share their knowledge with a project that they can choose from. Some students will be creating a biography picture books while others will create a project using Prezi.

Students are doing wonderful job hitting their reading goals.  I am very impressed.  Students are reading through the following series: Maximum Ride, Pegasus, Ranger's Apprentice, Pendragon, Lightning Thief, and Stormbreaker.  We are all working our way through reading a variety of genres.  I love hearing the students tell me that they read 100 pages after school becasue they weren't able to put their books down. 

Read aloud

I just finished reading aloud Greek nature myths and I am now reading Flush by Carl Hiaason.  We are finishing book talks about our favorite book so far this year.

Daily Oral Language Wordly Wise

We are continuing with our daily grammar and punctuation lessons. The wordly wise units are due every other week. 

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