Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weekly News

Hi Teton and Acadian families!

Our Best Part of Me photos and writing are displayed in the class.  The students wrote a poem or short story about their "Favorite Parts of Me.' This activity goes along with a read aloud book. For instance
       My eyes let me see the sunrise above my head.
       My nose tells me that I have dirty toes.  It tells me there is pizza near.
       I like my feet because I can kick off my shoes and dig my feet into the sand.

The idiom of the week is.... They're in hot water.
Word of the week is .....bizarre.

Our current read aloud is about Milo who is reading about becoming a perfect person in just three days.  On the first day he must wear a stalk of broccoli around his neck for an entire day.  Hmm?

PLEASE help you child to remember to check their homework sheets at night.

Thanks you for coming to Tuesday's Open House!