Thursday, November 20, 2014


Happy November!

Congratulations to LEXI INGER our student of the month! She was voted on by her peers for being a , a collaborative worker, quality producer, responsible class citizen, and a self-directed learner.  Our next award will be given this Tuesday before Thanksgiving when we get together with our 8th grade buddies.

Thanks again to parents who are donating pies for this Thankful for our Friends event.

vocabulary words this month
allege, lollygag, jubilant, and congregate

idiom of the week = It goes in one ear and out the other

Read Aloud = Because of Mr. Terupt

Students are working on their personal narratives.  we will be polishing up our final drafts right after Thanksgiving.

We are reading lots of wonderful novel!  Studerns are continuing to read from a variety of self-selected and teacher-guided novels.  We are making entries and writing reflections down in their Reader's notebooks.

twice a week I'm asking them to mark a Notice and Note in their books.  Choices include:

Contrast and Contradictions
Aha moment
Tough question
Words of the Wiser
Again & Again
Memory moment

These signposts are defined on their bookmarks. Each post has one a question for the reader to respond to.

Pg race event!!

Wear purple this coming Tuesday!

On Tuesday I'm  Mr Jag and I are racing each other for the chance to win a pizza party.  We are entered in the annual pig race because we were top sellers with the magazines and cookie dough.  Unfortunately, we are racing each other....

Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3

Welcome Fall,

Students will be coming home Friday, October 3 with some work samples and a letter that they have written to you about news in language arts and reading!

We have successfully completed the first Wordly Wise and Spelling Units.  Next week we will begin Wordly Wise Unit 2.

As you may have seen... the students are working on perfect paragraphs.

Paragraphs that meet

has a minimum of 8 sentences
has supporting details
has a concluding sentence
is well structured
has a variety of sentences
proper punctuation
spelling is correct
neatly written

Our class read aloud is Animal House and Iz.  We are listening for inferencing in the book.  Students are also looking for places where their authors make inferences in their reading books.

Next weeks idiom of the week  = He has butterflies in his stomach.  The word of the week = clarify.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weekly News

Hi Teton and Acadian families!

Our Best Part of Me photos and writing are displayed in the class.  The students wrote a poem or short story about their "Favorite Parts of Me.' This activity goes along with a read aloud book. For instance
       My eyes let me see the sunrise above my head.
       My nose tells me that I have dirty toes.  It tells me there is pizza near.
       I like my feet because I can kick off my shoes and dig my feet into the sand.

The idiom of the week is.... They're in hot water.
Word of the week is .....bizarre.

Our current read aloud is about Milo who is reading about becoming a perfect person in just three days.  On the first day he must wear a stalk of broccoli around his neck for an entire day.  Hmm?

PLEASE help you child to remember to check their homework sheets at night.

Thanks you for coming to Tuesday's Open House!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy Summer Tetons and Acadians


I hope you all are enjoying this awesome stretch of weather we are having!  I look forward to enjoying Higgins Beach and biking, kayaking, and hiking at Acadia National Park.

My twins, Patrick and Shannon, just graduated from high school.  Patrick is going to be living in a fire house in Scarborough while he studies Fire Science/EMT at SMCC.  Shannon will be studying nursing and will be running for St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

My youngest daughter, Kayla is in a few basketball camps this summer.  She will be going to 6th grade next fall.  She is enjoying surfing at Higgins Beach!

I am sure you have all begun reading your books!  Kayla is reading Liar and Spy and Waiting for Normal.  I am taking a summer course and I'll dig into my reading list early next week.


Mrs. Conley